I’m Back!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long hiatus. I had the most wonderful weekend, but it was so busy I didn’t have a chance to post or even take a single picture to share with you!

We went up to AJ’s parents’ place for Thanksgiving and ate lots of incredible food, relaxed a whole bunch, and supremely enjoyed ourselves. AJ’s mom even made some meat-free stuffing for me, and it was incredible! I’ve never had stuffing before (I always thought it looked gross), but I’m definitely a fan. It even made great leftovers last night!

On Friday we came home and moved to our new place! My parents met us up here and it was so great to spend some time with them as well. I was sad to see them leave, but Christmas is just around the corner (can you believe that?!?). We’re in our new place now and almost everything is put away, but we still have some work to do. We’re so happy to be here – and I’m stoked to have a kitchen that is clean and actually works!

That being said, I haven’t had the chance to cook at all. So I don’t have any recipes to share with you today. BUT, I’ll get back to it tonight, and I’ll have something for you guys tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in there.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did you do anything fun?


3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. We had my grandparents (dad’s parents) up, as well as a family we are friends with (they have four kids that are loads of fun to play with, and we are watching over their dog now since they are moving into a house and have to build a kennel still).
    Since we have the dog (Sadie the black lab), we’ve been having the time of our lives! We used to have two collies, but they both passed away this year (one in his sleep, the other from heart failure). 😦
    We’ve gone from dogless to dog-fest! 🙂

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