Pumpkin Muffins

I’m a big blog reader.

I could waste hours of time. Reading recipes, searching recipes, studying pictures, enjoying other peoples’ lives…Seriously. Hours.

So when I come across an amazing blog, I get really excited. I jumped for joy when I found Daily Garnish (and I kind of want to steal her new baby). I fell in love when I stumbled upon Chocolate Covered Katie and her Cookie Dough Dip. I decided I want kids like Sara Matheny’s at Peas and Thank You. And finally, I’ve decided to go punk, so I can go not-punk and be just like the Post Punk Kitchen.

And make Isa’s “Best” Pumpkin Muffins.

Her recipe is picture-less. I’m of the opinion (just like everyone else, duh) that a picture speaks a thousand words. But here, there’s no “you-want-to-eat-me muffin” staring right at you. There’s no fancy lighting to make it look enticing. There is only a recipe, and it speaks for itself.

I won’t post the recipe here (it’ll force you to go over to her blog!), but I will show you some pictures I took.

Make these muffins now. Seriously. You’ll be glad you did.

Question of the day: Who are your favorite bloggers? And what is your favorite recipe of theirs?

I already told you some of mine, so no surprise there. But I’m always searching for more, so I’d love to know your favorites!


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