The Older Me

I got a notification on my phone this morning that my older (and only) sister wrote on my facebook wall. Here’s what she said:

I felt that her post deserved some attention. So, Fox, here’s your attention, and it’s better than a phone call!

This picture pretty much describes our relationship:

The overpowering, smothering, suffocating, annoying love of an older sister that, no matter what, cannot be replaced. Roxy and I have spent our whole lives together – minus 16 months of hers, which doesn’t really count.

We were always at the same school, always doing the same things. She’s always been my best friend.

Yes, we are sisters. That means that things aren’t always perfect.

Remember that time we tried to fight each other? I think we broke a vase…

But the times that were perfect, at least between the two of us, more than made up for all the times that weren’t. I’ve laughed more with my sister than anyone else in the world. I’ve shared more of my secrets with her than I feel comfortable with. I’ve come to see that sometimes she knows me better than I know myself. And a friend – a sister – like that is more invaluable than I can possibly say.

Today, we don’t even live in the same part of the state. Sadface. But! We’ve managed to stay in touch, and I appreciate her phone calls and random text and picture messages more than she knows.

So for all those out there with older (or younger!) siblings, give them a call today and let them know how much you love them. They are some of the only people who will really be there for you, no matter what the circumstance.

So, Fox, thanks for being an amazing sister. I LOVE YOU!


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