How to Dry Fresh Herbs

Homework’s got me tied down today, but I just wanted to share a link to a blog post that popped up on my Reader this morning.

Yeah yeah yeah I’m getting to the homework!

Anyway, the post is from the bakers over at King Arthur Flour. If you aren’t familiar with this site/company/amazingness, get familiar. Their flours are the best, their products outstanding, and their recipes and advice always spot-on. If I’m ever stuck between a pot and a hard place (ha.ha.) I find my self perusing their site to find a solution.

This post is about drying herbs from your garden for use throughout the year. Their solution? The microwave! I never would have guessed.

Like I said, I don’t really have time to try it out this morning. They said you’re supposed to nuke ’em for about a minute….

Oh heck. I just can’t resist!

Just grab a few sprigs from your garden and place them in the microwave on top of a paper towel. Different herb times will vary, so start with intervals of 20 seconds until you get it figured out. My basil took about 2 minutes to dry out with two 8-inch sprigs in there.

When they are dry, let them cool for a few seconds, and then rub the leaves off. They should come off very easily. Crumble any big chunks, and you’re done!

Now that that chemistry is all done (wait… microwaves… I think that’s physics), I’ll be getting back to my real chemistry homework. Have a good Sunday!


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